Monday, April 27, 2015

Objects in the Mirror Are Not as They Appear

3 friends ride beside me
on this journey through life -
anxiety, depression, & paranoia.
each take their turn up front;
I cringe with each "shotgun."

At times all is peaceful,
eyes focused up ahead -
hope, possibilities, promise & happiness.
but it's all so fleeting,
passing by without care.

one of them takes control.
& suddenly it's like passing an accident;
everything just slows down
& I can't help but stare.

If only that was all,
but there are three of them -
anxiety, depression, & paranoia -
all seeking attention,
blurring what lies ahead.

The biggest problem are
the side and rear mirrors -
perpetually playing every transgression -
constantly there in my
peripheral vision.

With each new incident,
the reel repeats itself;
hope, possibilities, promise & happiness
diminish because I
can't help except look back.

On inspiration for this piece: This idea was pulled from Poetic Asides's 2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 27. "For today’s prompt, write a looking back poem."

Just three more days to go....  I'm amazed I haven't pulled all my hair out yet.

1 comment:

Björn Rudberg said...

All those things that weigh us down.. the past can be a heavy burden, but maybe also the reason we are careful for good reasons.. your 3 companions need a few more I think... joy, laughter and optimism.. great work on the poem..