Thursday, April 23, 2015

Steeped in Rich Family Tradition

two Italian immigrants
ten years after stepping off the boat
now in their early twenties
begin a legacy

what starts out as
a simple butcher shop
slowly expands
to mouthwatering
prepared food
each recipe tested
on the rigorous palettes
of family members
& finds a way into
the hearts of a community

just 40 years later
two brothers
follow in the footsteps
of their father
committed to the same great
quality & service & flavors
instilled in them
expand the legacy

On inspiration for this piece: This idea was pulled from Poetic Asides's 2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 23. "For today’s prompt, write a historic poem."  This is written from a place of personal history...

I feel a bit as though this piece could be more than it is, but for now...

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