Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Write What You Know

How do I change my poetic flow?

or more to the point,
    how do I alter the current
    and change my course?

I'm stuck drifting (sometimes plummeting -
    there is no in-between)
down a dark cavernous tunnel
where the only glimpses I see
in occasional bouts of light
        my own reflection.

I'm tired of me
                           the darkness.
I want to loose myself in lush
    river banks             in rich
    foliage                    in intoxicating
    bird song                in all the wonders
    that surround me     including
    that which scares me the most
    human nature.

I suppose the real question is
    how do I change me.


Brian Miller said...

is it change you...or change your perspective? i think there can be a balance of light and dark...i would never want to fully snuff my shadow...maybe change your scenery a bit...

Mary said...

Oh, how I like the honesty here. I would take one honest poem above 10 that don't address reality. As for changing someone, I don't think it is possible really. You are you. And you are good. I see that, and I hope you will too.

Victoria said...

I'm feeling sort of stuck, poetically. I usually find inspiration down by the river...a block away, but because of the drought the bears and rattlers are invading the fringes of Reno so I'm not indulging. The poetic life ebbs and flows, heh?