Monday, July 21, 2014

On the Back of a Butterfly

I hired a fairy godmother;
she was a bit bibbidi,
a dash Bobidi, but
no Boo (which is good
'casue I'm scared of ghosts).

She fashioned me a dress
out of dandelion seeds
and shoes out of spider's
webs (a tad sticky, but
apparently her charges have
had a knack for loosing them).

My conveyance was a tad
unorthodox for, well for
just about anybody
really (and obviously she
did not think about how
the giant Blue Morpho's wings
would wreak havoc on my
timeless updo).

Alas I made it to the ball
in time (if not a bit disheveled),
enjoyed a dance or two (though
the prince never looked my way),
and I made it home just in time
to see the sun rise (I'm quite glad
my fairy godmother learned how to
expand her spell duration past

Inspiration for this piece:  Last week dVerse Poets Pub celebrated three years, among the events was a ball.  While pondering different ideas for the ball, several thoughts popped into mind...the idea of hiring a fairy godmother and arriving on the back of a butterfly were among the peculating ideas.  While I went in a completely different direction for the ball, these inspirations still lingered...thus the piece above.


Victoria said...

I so enjoyed this flight of fancy. We all need fairy godmother's like that from time-to-time. Delightful.

Jeff said...

Great imaginative piece--I really liked the dandelion seed dress.

Mary said...

Ah, how lovely to have a dress out of dandelion seeds and shoes out of spider webs! I am sure you wore the most original costume at the ball. Smiles!!

Claudia said...

a dress
out of dandelion seeds
and shoes out of spider's
webs.. how awesome is that...and who cares that the shoes were a bit sticky...ha - that made me smile...what a delightful and magical write

Grace said...

I love light and whimsical with a dress made out of dandelion seeds ~ Hey, good for you to hire a fairy godmother so you can make it to the ball ~ Thanks for adding your voice to the community~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE this poem-story, especially, as mary notes, the dandelion seed dress and shoes made out of spider webs. So cool!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i am glad you made it to the ball...and sorry i missed you there....and thank goodness for fairy godmothers that allow us a bit of magic to get there...and when they can extend that spell a bit longer....