Thursday, July 10, 2014

None the Wiser

I don't think he knows
it's him

or maybe he fears
he's wrong
or perhaps
he's saving me from

Part of me wants him
to know
to understand
he give me pause not
to disappear;

Part of me fears him
it's stupid to feel
this way

and what
if he doesn't

and what
if in knowing
he disappears.

I don't think he knows,
       my angel
       my breath
       my friend
       my reason for returning
I don't think he knows.

I write of him
in ambiguous terms
distancing us
even more so than we
already are.

So how would he know?

It's time to stop writing
of him
to him
and just accept the gift
he un-knowingly gives.


Brian Miller said...


perhaps it is even better in the unknowing --- but surely he knows --- and appreciating our gifts, and those that keep us going...all about it...smiles...

Victoria said...

This is the kind of poem that makes the reader want to know more. And the kind many of us can relate to.

Poet Laundry said...

Mysterious and yet relatable RMP. I like!