Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Floating (in Time)

(9:27 pm)

She hits the breaks
                              and listens to
                              the smell of rubber
                              on asphalt.

(9:28 pm)

nothingness and more nothingness

(9:45 pm)
She tastes pennies
                              and listens to
                              the feel of metal
                              crushing metal.

(9:47 pm) 
She sits in the movie theater shoveling popcorn into her mouth.  The woman on the screen is a younger version of herself.  She watches as the woman runs, constantly looking over her shoulder and laughing.  Just as a hand reaches grabbing her movie-self, she feels a hand from the seat next her clasp hers.  She turns.

(10:11 pm)
She hears her name
                              and listens to
                              the static of
                              hovering face

(10:23 pm) 
She feels the strength of familiar arms wrapped around her.  He pulls her around so they're face-to-face and cuts off her laughter with a searing kiss.  As he release her, her smile mirrored on his face, he takes her hand and they walk.

A soft gentle breeze rustles the leaves as the last remnants of fall float lazily to the ground.  They make their way to a small bridge that spans the creek.  The silence between them is as comfortable as a warm blanket.  When they reach the center of the bridge, they stop and gaze out toward the setting sun.  "I'm not ready," he says, his voice an odd echo.  "I need more time."

(1:55 am)
I need more time
we *sigh*
                we need more time
more time to laugh
more time to cry
                to fight and make up
more time to gaze into each others eyes
                to buy you flowers
                to slam the door
more time to talk of nothing
                to talk of having a family
                to have a family
more time to make a family
                to hold your hand
                to make you breakfast in bed
                to cuddle under the cover
more time to watch movies together
                to have you eat all the popcorn
more time to wake up next you
more time
                just more

It's not time for you to go
You're not done.
I'm not done.
We're not done.

(2:02 am)
She squeezes his hand
                              and listens to
                              the warmth of his heart
                              beating in time
                              with hers.

Inspiration for this piece:  Over at dVerse Poets Pub, the Poetics topic is time.  After pushing aside the array of sayings and songs that came to mind, I thought about writing the piece noting the time of events throughout, yet had no idea the topic.  The first set of line came to me from out of no where and there was just something about "listens to the smell of rubber painting asphalt" that I just couldn't quite let go of.  So after pondering, unsuccessfully, I wondered back to these lines and the story I felt would unfold from it.  I think I finally settled on writing this piece once the idea of her being pulled back came from "him" asking for more time...time, of course, being the key to the prompt.  If you get a chance, you should check out how some wonderfully talented pub-goers took on the challenge of time.


Victoria said...

Oh this is good. So much forward movement. Very creative, unique response to the prompt!

Jenny Herner said...

Oh, I love this! At first it's a bit surreal, and then it's like waking from a dream, followed by the wishlist! How lovely to cherish each moment, even someone eating all the popcorn! Wonderful!

Jeff said...

Ah, I wish I would have thought of this, a kind of diary or log of the time of events! Great work here, well-written as usual.

Grace said...

Very creative presentation, I love the theme & format of the words ~ I like the idea of watching a movie with a younger version of ourselves ~ We are always asking for more time, aren't we ~

Gabriella said...

I too like the way you went with this prompt. And on my list of things we need more time for are many of the items you included in your poem. A very good write, rmp!

Mary said...

Very nice poem, RMP. Yes, so often we need more time....and your poem made that point perfectly.

Bodhirose said...

A great response to our prompt, rmp...very unique. I liked how you added the times that marked the passage of it in your piece. More time was gifted after all...

Akila G said...

a very novel style...playing with time and the emotions that present themselves...moving forward like the clock itself!

Sumana Roy said...

love this sketch of time moment by moment and so engaging....a unique take on the prompt...

Vandana Sharma said...

we all are bound by time!

Madhura said...

This is so very creative and unique! love the diary sort of time log and the way the story moves ahead... You made it so real, but so very wonderful.. Lovely poem, enjoyed it very much!

Margaret said...

Surreal and has an "other worldly" feeling to it. Made me wonder if she wasn't being torn between this world and the next… Nice.

Arathi Harihar said...

oh, this is very good..and true that we need more time for everything in simple things as eating popcorn..

Claudia said...

oh wow this is awesome - think my fav by you so far - love how the story develops and the emotions.. and i like how you include the exact time and yet give it so much space and freedom to spread

Poet Laundry said...

I like your style here and the story you tell engages me. I like the passion, mystery, longing, urgency of time I felt as I read it. Wonderful twist on the prompt RMP.

quest4peas said...

Love this take on the prompt. The time stamps really reflect the prompt nicely!

Brian Miller said...

very cool piece...i like how you progressed the story...and that one section is so full of longing...of needing more time...and feeling the pull back a dream you do not want to wake up from....