Monday, July 7, 2014

Along the Way, Smiles One

There's one for whom
I hold my breath
certain the hand will reach out &
pull "me" to the surface;

without fail the smile spreads
across my face
such a scarce sight (as far as
'genuine' is concerned).

My heart lifts
even if for but a second.

So I hold my breath
and wait
for the smiles to
awaken me.


Brian Miller said...

i hope you find that smile...that hand which will reach down below the surface and pull you up...better to wait on the one than to settle for something less you know....

Mary said...

And when that smile comes it will be oh so wonderful and make everything worth whle.

Poet Laundry said...

There is nothing quite so pleasing as a genuine smile. Let's hope you don't have to hold your breath too long ;-)

Victoria said...

I believe that genuine smiles come from within. Too rare these days.