Monday, July 14, 2014

Awakening Beauty

The mirror reflects back
what people see with their eyes
not with their hearts.

The ugliest duckling
can truly shine bright
through compassion & truth.

The greatest beauty
can easily be tarnished
with greed or hubris.

Take a marker to your mirror
and shatter your beauty with the truth.

~ Mean ~   ~ Sarcastic ~  
~ Willful ~   ~ Inconsiderate ~   
~ Dishonest ~   ~ Gossiper ~

Use Post-It notes to cover your mirror
with the truths your eyes belie.

[Harsh]    [Coldhearted]  
[Egotistical]   [Spiteful]  
[Bully]    [Indifferent]

Take a hard look in the mirror;
change, so all see you 
with eyes & heart.

A side note:  Thank you, Jeff...after your comment on "Scribbling Beauty," I thought it wise to alter the view, creating this counterpart to yesterday's post.


Mary said...

Excellent post. The heart is a much better judge of beauty than the mirror!! And truth above all!

Brian Miller said...

we should def listen more to that heart...than what our eyes or heads say...we etch a record through life and spend the rest of it listening to those messages...and it is not easy changing the song....

Victoria said...

This is so full of truth--a meditation, really.

Vandana Sharma said...

The true beauty indeed is in the heart.