Saturday, July 12, 2014

We're here today to discuss your options...

As the world slipped out
from beneath my feet,
all you had to do was hold my hand –
that's it – and then let go;

you were meant to keep me
from falling.

Now here I you are...
here we are....

It was a simple task,
to keep me grounded,
and now I fighting every last breath
clinging to this cliff;

you were suppose to let go,
supposed to keep me from falling.

Now here I you are...
here we are....

I was ready to let go,
but I can't take you with me
and for once in my life I'm not ready
to be anywhere that doesn't hold me.

Just as I was ready to let the world
snuff my light out, you had me falling.

Now here I you are...
here we are....

Is it wrong that I want to enjoy
every second every minute I have left
with you and I wrapped together
waiting on what brought us here
to tear us apart?

When all that is left here is you,
know in falling,
I finally lived.


Brian Miller said...

smiles...with what brought you together being what will ultimately tear you apart...sounds like the only option is to enjoy it while you can....and i would rather live for a bit...than the alternative

Grace said...

I love the use of the refrain, like a pattern of holding your hand and letting it go ~ They cycle never ceases but sometimes one has to let go of one's hands some time ~ There is a sadness here, its coming too soon from the title of this post ~

Take care ~

Mary said...

It is good to enjoy every moment...but I can't help but hope that the fall is not too great a one. Peace.

Poet Laundry said...

I really like the weaving in and out of this. I do hope the speaker never goes back to being ready to let the world snuff his/her light out...