Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Who Chooses a Murderer?

I had a dream
I was terriffied
          in a house
with a
I picked up the phone

my fingers hovered there
        the numbers
       there was no one

I put the phone down
went to the stairs
       sung (yes, I sang)
out to him
       (terrified - yet lovingly)

I'm in a house
with a murderer
and where
                  do I turn?

I woke
it took me awhile to pull
myself upright
(sleep paralysis)

When I finally did,
I walked around my entire 1st floor
in a haze
sat down
a chair away from the couch
and there the dream still hovered

I had picked up the phone
stood staring at it
with impending doom
and I had no one
no one
no one
             to call

(alt. title:  I should no better than to take a nap during prevning*)

*prevning (according to Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory) is the ambiguous time between afternoon and evening.


Brian Miller said...


scary thought to feel so alone and vulnerable.

perhaps music soothes the savage burglar?

Claudia said...

oh heck...that is scary indeed...reminded me of a dream i once had - running away and didn't know where to turn... and singing always helps against the fear...i do this too...

Jeff said...

No one to call.

There's a finality in that sentence that's unsettling. Also, the line breaks and spacing works so well here to strengthen the unease and fear of the subject. Nice work RMP!