Friday, July 4, 2014

Seven-or-Ten-ling (The curse weighs...)

An aside before the piece:  While the first stanza came relatively easily, the second was a bit of a pain.  In the end, my torn thoughts resulted in to separate second stanzas.  Leaving me unable to decide which was the better fit.  Part of me had thought maybe I could throw all three together and expand a sevenling into a tenling, but I wasn't really feeling the three together...then again...

Seven-or-Ten-ling (The curse weighs...)

The curse weighs heavy like sleeping
beauty, snow white, and the beast
all waiting on true love's kiss.

The hero lies deep within - chained,
voiceless, and locked away - fighting
a wicked evil bound of fear.

Magic does not exist, not in enchanted
carpets, not in glowing hair, nor
in mirrors that hang upon the wall.

I'd kiss the mirror if it meant releasing my hero.

A note on form:  As stated above this was intended to be a sevenling.  Under normal circumstances the poem would consist of three stanzas (3 lines, 3 lines, and 1 line) totaling seven lines.  Unfortunately, I was having difficulty settling on the above stanza 2 and 3 as the second stanza of this piece.  I was torn with the order of the stanza 2 and 3...part of me felt like I should put them in the reverse order to flow with the linked words in the final line (kiss, mirror, hero); in the end I made a minor tweak to the first line of the third stanza in order for it to flow better in its current spot. 


Brian Miller said...

i think that magic does still exist though...i think we have forgotten how to find it...

i think that heroes have def been enslaved by our fears...

Jeff said...

Thanks for the encouragement, RMP. Wow, during my time away you've REALLY been writing, and it's great to see. Your voice, always distinctive, is truly developing and maturing. Wonderful work.

I think I've managed to add your blog to my new site feed--still rummaging around in Wordpress trying to figure out what's what. Take care, and hopefully I'll be around more often!

Mary said...

Though the hero may lie deep within, he still is there waiting for the right time to emerge. I have faith that eventually the fight against evil will always be won.

Poet Laundry said...

I really enjoyed this piece a dark fairy tale--which I'm a fan of!