Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scribbling Beauty

The mirror reflects back
what people see with their eyes
not with their hearts.

The greatest beauty
can easily be tarnished
with greed or hubris.

The ugliest duckling
can truly shine bright
through compassion & truth.

Take a marker to your mirror
and alight it with all your beauty.

~ Smart ~   ~ Funny ~   ~ Loving ~  
~ Giving ~   ~ Gracious ~   ~ Witty~  
~ Honest ~   ~ Considerate ~

Use Post-It notes to cover your mirror
with the truths your eyes belie.

[Friendly]    [Warmhearted]  
[Understanding]    [Supportive]  
[Thoughtful]    [Devoted]

Force the mirror to reflect
not what eyes see, but rather
the heart's truth.


Jeff said...

True. And some people see themselves as far better than they really are. Perhaps they also need some notes that will bring a dose of reality! Nicely done.

Brian Miller said...

def cool to have those affirmations of our beauty...we get so caught up in our identity ...but at the same time believe the worst things about ourselves...and it is much more than physical beauty...

Victoria said...

Re: youe comment--finish that poem from the first dVerse prompt. You may want it in a few days!!!