Friday, September 26, 2014

Right vs. Left: Brain Wars

I need
to be. That's it,
just be - but you, my friend,
my "better" half refuse to let
me be.  You fear the driving force behind
my creativity.  I breathe emotions in
like air; emotions set me free an though
irrational they be I have
to breathe to live.  So why,
oh why, do you
And don't you think
I too have cause to breathe.
But you in all your flashy hues
disturb my sense of self; but even more
you threaten all we are.  Those crazy emotions
disrupt our equilibrium; and all 
you care about is you.  And what 
of me, my "better" half,
oh why must I

Inspiration for this piece:

#1 - Over at dVerse Poets Pub, we are exploring a form invented by Gay Reiser Cannon (Beachanny by the Sea and Beachanny Texas).  This is not my first time exploring this form.  Once before I tried tackling it while incorporating opposing views, but I felt unsure.  I think part of that had to do with the fact that I was uncertain if people would realize it was to different points of view.  With this new exploration of the form, called Quarrel (or Falling Diamonds), ideas were presented on how to alter the format to allow for two sides of the same to speak.  I do admit I'm torn by the center line (as is my poem).  In my first go at this form I created such that if you read the two diamonds separately the middle line worked both as the end of one or the beginning of the other.  Here I was not able to accomplish that same feat, nor sure how I would have included it given the structure I chose.

#2 - Been thinking a lot on brain theory...attended a workshop on it...and to be honest the battle of my hemispheres for control has always been on my mind.  I have some pretty odd theories in regard to this matter, but I'll save you the crazy.

Side Note ~ structure loses something on mobile devices, particularly phones. 


Björn Rudberg said...

I love the creativity in your lines.. such a great innovation to let the quarrels be between those halves .. I guess they have to collaborate...

Beachanny said...

Wow! Very clever. I love the way you used the form, and the way you wrote your message. Excellent. Kudos to you! I guess this was a more daunting exercise than I thought it would be, at first.

seasideauthor said...

I agree it was very clever and quarrel is very clear!

Heaven said...

I admire the format and different viewpoints very much ~ So well done actually ~

Cressida de Nova said...

Interesting topic.These two sides always seem to be at war with each other.

Brian Miller said...

really interesting conversation in just be would be a great thing eh? smiles....and why does one have to give up for the other...can they not both just be? smiles.

Kathy said...

The differences between these two parts of the brain still confuse me...but you did hold my attention until the end...creativity and logic, the source of so much and some people are more one than the other. They must work together in the end. Good job.

Mary said...

Excellent...actually my favorite of those I have read for this prompt. You came up with a very real situation and wrote to it well, without the form seeming contrived.

Claudia said...

oh it is sad when instead of supporting us in our dreams the better half blocks them - because of fear?

ds said...

Love it. Very clever. Thank you.

Vandana Sharma said...

Beautifully drafted, lovely and perfect layout

The Bizza said...

Very clever, balanced viewpoints. I enjoyed the yin-yang aspect of this.

Victoria said...

How well I know this struggle. I love how you used the form to show the dichotomy within us.

Jeff said...

Finding wholeness is not easy, with all of our inner divisions pulling and pushing and making a general ruckus. Great work on this, A fine display of form and content!