Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bringing Light to Darkness

Inspiration for this post:  This is the convergence of what I feel must be non-coincidences.  Over at dVerse, the topic is "Bringing Light to Darkenss."  Shortly after reading the post, I was browsing through my tumblr feed and came across a post by Tyler Knott (see below), which reminded me of the fact that this is National Suicide Prevention Week.  I admit, for me, far too often "darkness" links to "depression."  I would not be true to myself if I tried to unearth some other version of darkness for this prompt.  So...I have two pieces at the moment (in honor of today which is World Suicide Prevention Day)...and another coming tomorrow (in continued celebration of this week).  While I'm sure I could dig up quite a number of pieces that fit the prompt, I thought I'd keep things simple.  The first piece, Still, (created using an app called Poetics) I feel says quite a lot in just TenWords.  The second is a piece entitled Origami Hope.


Origami Hope

Hope brings tears to my eyes;
logic would assign these precious pearls
with a joyous & uplifting tempo,

but tears are a fickle thing,
their truth held only
in the eyes shedding them.

        hope brings tears to the surface,
but they are sad
threatening to consume.

Sometimes I think
                               if I could
I would fold every single hope lying within me
into tiny little paper seeds
& blow them away
leaving me a bald dandelion head
bowed in the darkness where light
cannot trick me into feeling

but I know
                   I'd shed tears
                                         for their loss.

(what am I without hope?)

I'd rather watch those tiny white puffs
float along my dark oceanic tears–

     life rafts for me to cling to
     as the darkness looks to pull

Post by Tyler Knott

TWLOHA's 2014 Campaign
for National Suicide Prevention Week (NSPW14)

"There Is Still Some Time"
poster based on blog post
by Jamie Tworkowski, TWLOHA Founder.


Anthony Desmond said...

the imagery of folding everything single hope is very powerful... I love the idea of origami and those papers seeds - plant them, don't blow them away!

and even though you say that labor of love isn't for you, it remains, still... lovely writes

Anthony Desmond said...

*every single*... ugh, typos suck...

bwfiction said...

this beautifully captures the deep sorrow of depression in lovely imagery.

Claudia said...

love that image with the folding hope into paper seeds...we don't know what would happen...they would maybe multiply thousand-fold like dandelions...would be cool to be able to spread hope like that but def. the fear of letting go and not knowing what's left then... felt

Björn Rudberg said...

The streaming lines are such a powerful addition to the imagery of those folded hopes. To cat those dandelion seed and fly to salvation.. Very good.

Cressida de Nova said...

The first one Still is very powerful and heartfelt. I would love to use this to write a poem to if I may.

Also thank you for the info about app. A helpful random act of giving always comes as such a susrprise to me. I think you are a talented poet.I don't give praise lightly.

Mary said...

We all need hope in our lives. The images that you have written are strong ones. I like the idea of folding up every single hope & blowing them away.

georgeplaceblog said...

The darkness of depression sometimes it feels like there is no hope... nice job of portraying

Poet Laundry said...

Excellent work RMP. These are among my favorite reads of this prompt. I think Origami Hope is one of my all time favorites of yours.

And truly, "No one else can play your part." Keep playing.

RMP said...

please, feel free to write to Still. I'm glad to know you find it so inspiring.

Jeff said...

I love both of these--both powerfully document the feelings of hopelessness that too many have to deal with. Hope often betrays, but we can't live without it. Excellent writing!

Grace said...

I admire the imagery of origami hope & bald dandelion head ~ Cry if we must, but surely there's hope even if darkness pulls us under ~ Love the word format btw ~

Sumana Roy said...

love the wonderful imagery...powerful, moving & intense....