Sunday, September 21, 2014

More than Me (alt. title: I Need to Get Over Myself)

I want to say something
     not nothing

I read the other day
about 'perfection paralysis'

the inability to
     put pen to paper
           fingers to keyboard
           life o words
for fear of not
     being perfect

& I thought
that's me!"

so caught up with all of me that
is imperfect, I
long for something
             something that
is perfect

& it's not about the words I choose
that definitely plays a part

I want to say something
     not nothing

I want my words to resonate
to mean something
outside of the nothing that is me

I'm not paralyzed by the imperfection
     of my words

I'm paralyzed by the perfection of others'

beauty pours from their lips
heart scrawls across napkins
truth stains their fingers

& I sit
so caught up in the nothing of me
that I grasp at straws for something
                                      something more

than me


Björn Rudberg said...

I'm so fortunate not to be paralyzed by others.. I always admire how you can say things with just the right words... and what is perfect you can only say in imperfect ..

Mary said...

You know, I think we all just have to admit we are imperfect & go from there. I think I used to be more demanding of myself, but now I am more accepting of my imperfections. I believe that to write something i better than to write nothing. If I waited for perfection, my blog would be empty. I believe that the purpose of poetry is for me to get to know me & you to get to know me...and vice versa. Neither of us are perfect, and that is okay!