Monday, September 8, 2014

Fly Swatters & Motorcycles

The side view mirror announced
its presence even before
I heard it buzz on by me

& I couldn't help wonder
what it might be like to
ride a bumble bee

leaning to one side where feet
could easily touch asphalt
& glide in between empty

spaces careful not to taste
metal which can easily
squash it like a bug

Inspiration for this piece:  I was driving home yesterday and a yellow motorcycle passed me by.  (Never ridden a motorcycle before.)  That coupled with the buzzing bees that had been disturbing me earlier in the day lead me here.


Poet Laundry said... title and fun piece altogether RMP. What would it be like, indeed, to ride a bee?

Claudia said...

i used to have a boy friend who owned a motorcycle and we went for many trips - i just loved the feel of freedom and speed...he was a crazy driver...oy... when i was 18 i made my driving license for motorcycles and i'm allowed to ride all kinds - i never did though - first because i couldn't afford both - a car and a motorbike - then a friend of mine had a motorcycle accident and is in a wheelchair since then... though yeah - i love the speed and freedom

Vandana Sharma said...

Speed thrills!!

Victoria said...

Fun one! They are like bumble bees, aren't. I saw the result of a horrible accident when I was a nurse--wouldn't even think of riding one since that. They are so vulnerable.

vb holmes said...

Fun mental noodle: the yellow cycle and the bumble bee. Afraid I'm too cowardly to take the freeway on a motorcycle but love to cruise the countryside on its silent little brother, the conservative bicycle.

Glenn Buttkus said...

All that power between your legs, your body so close to death or disability is the spark that draws many to its joys regardless of its dangers; somehow I stayed off them; just as I avoided killing anyone during the Viet Nam War; would have altered who I am, who I became.

Grace said...

I would love to ride a bumble bee, what fun, smiles ~