Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Talk to Me, My Dear

The storm has passed, but still I fear
the charge that lingers might just steer
our hearts to diff'rent hemispheres.
Please stay right here! Please stay right here!

I've never know a love like this
where time stood still with every kiss;
oh how my heart just can't dismiss
this taste of bliss -- this taste of bliss.

So talk to me, don't shut me out;
dispel my fears and budding doubts
with gentle words that heal and shout
our love still sprouts -- our love still sprouts.

The storm has passed, but still no cheer;
the way we wade through this frontier
forecasts our future life, my dear.
Allay my fears!  Allay my fears!

A note on form:  The above verse is a monotetra.  I've spoken to this form before in two separate pieces here on LFA.  In actuality, I started this piece just after posting my first, (Smush) Like a Bug.  I made it through a stanza and a half before I meandered away.  I found my way back today (and yesterday).  And as I said in previously, while it has a fun sound to it (making it fun to read/listen to), writing to this form can be rather frustrating.  Of course that probably has more to do with my aversion to rhyming.


Brian Miller said...

it is a very cool form...will have to try it sometime...and i think at times we all need that reassurance in our love lives....and that talk as well..communication is key

Poet Laundry said...

I like your use of this form. I agree, it is fun to read. I'm not big on rhyming typically either, but I enjoyed this! And reassurance of love is a good thing!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I like this form and esp with this sentiment - like a pleading lover. Exquisite.

Mary said...

I like this form a lot too. Communication is so important in any relationship; and reassurance is definitely key!

Nico said...

A beautiful singing quality to this--it is extremely difficult to write this kind of poetry, nicely accomplished!