Monday, April 8, 2013

(Smush) Like a Bug

you stole my heart before I knew
the truth behind the lies you spewed;  
no longer will I be subdued!  
be gone with you! be gone with you!  
I thought our love was free to fly,  
but I was wrong - you can't deny;  
you tied me down with every lie!  
I will not cry!  I will not cry!  
though every part of me's in pain,  
I won't allow the tears to rain  
to satisfy your heart - so vain!  
I shall restrain!  I shall restrain!  
now go before my wrath takes flight
and squishes you with all its might;
it has a healthy appetite!
die parasite! die parasite!

A note on form:  I find the monotetra to be quite a fun form to read--not necessarily one to write, though it does have its moments.  (Though not fond of writing in rhyme, it does give off a nice ring.)  While I'm not 100% sure whether the intent for the form was to be written in iambic tetrameter, I decided to give it a whirl (to the best of my ability).    


Brian Miller said...

ha it is fun to read...all the rhyming and repeated end line is cool...ugh on the lies...betrayal sucks!

Brian Miller said...

cool title too..smiles.

Mary said...

Some deep thoughts here. I also like the title and the form. Some excellent rhymes...but it sounds as if you have a good handle on the situation!