Saturday, May 25, 2013


Beautiful  it doesn't happen quite that often;
so I stared for awhile, unwilling to let her go.
I tried to hold the tears at bay
though they're far less rare than this sight,
maybe that's what sparked their journey.
Beau  tiful
                   Be  a  u  tiful –  
                                                Beautiful –  
silently whispers to me; I'm scared to let her


Brian Miller said...

interesting, so is it your own reflection you are seeing beauty in...or is it someone else you are seeing in your own reflection...

the letting go, is def not easy...

Mary said...

So hard to let someone go......hard to hold back the tears. I feel this poem.

Nico said...

Hauntingly beautiful, like the reflection . . . probably not as rare as we might think sometimes. Very nicely done, with feeling.