Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sevenling (I dream of)

I dream of everlasting love,
finally feeling whole, and
waking from this nightmare.

I wake to anxiety, tears that
refuse to fade and dreams
that dissolve in sunlight.

The only monster in the closet is of my own making.

A note on form:  This is another (oddball) exploration of the sevenling form.  I'm not sure what has brought this form back into my line of write, but here it is rearing its strange little head -- even though I'm still not really comfortable with the form (though maybe that is part of its charm).


Brian Miller said...

oo wicked last line...and so true on the monster we create and then let control us...

Mary said...

Everlasting love is, I think, everyone's dream. I do wish you this......

Mary said...

If only we could get rid of those monsters!! (Thanks for your comments in my blog. I really appreciate them.)

Heaven said...

That last line is excellent, whether its real or not, depends on what we make of it ~

I like the contrast of the first and second verses, good work on the form ~