Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Dance (is Finally Over)

"Then the rain came knocked me sideways
   Hope the wind will catch my fall
      I know we all deserve a couple scars
         It's just getting old."
                                     Almost Easy
                                       O.A.R. (of a revolution)

It's too easy  far too easy
to walk down this path again.
Then, drinking you in had me disappearing;
fading into me, into you, into us,
way more than I could handle.
But you were like a beautiful song that plays
entrancing me out of myself
your fingers strummed the very core of me
consuming my nights  stealing my days.
Then the rain came knocked me sideways.

You couldn't see the storm rage inside me
though you felt it I'm sure.
Now here we stand again and it seems so easy
to fall back in  let it take control – 
spin us around like an old record
whose perfectly worn grooves touch and enthrall
familiar waves (intoxicating) strive to take hold
and it's oh so easy to get lost in the music of us,
but when the storm returns, throws me against the wall,
(I) hope the wind will catch my fall.

Every time I think it won't happen
your hand stretches out before me
inviting me to dance.  I should know better
than getting caught in this whirlwind
where the only thing I'm left with is a bruised heart.
How many times will you play its strings like a guitar,
breaking them one by one  though really
it's my own damn fault thinking I was stronger
the past serving as a lesson  a guiding star;
I know we all deserve a couple of scars.

I said it before, I'll say it again
hurt is all I have to offer you, me, us
I'll always be undecided  torn up inside;
longing to feel our harmonies sync
knowing I'm to scarred to match your tune.
Still it's way too easy letting this feeling take hold,
finding everything I need in you, but not
what I need of me.  I have to let go;
this song of ours has been oversold.
(and) it's just getting old.

A note on form:  Yesterday, over at dVerse, they introduced the glosa.  It's an interesting form meant to pay tribute to a poet by incorporating/quoting four lines from a piece of their work.  It then is followed by four stanza of 10 lines where the tenth sequentially comes from the original quote.  For more detail, check out the Pub's FormForAll:  Paying Tribute, Page and the Glosa.

A side note on the form:  So I didn't technically (depending on how you look at it) choose a poet.  I chose a musical group that has a way of calming the storm that tends to rear it's ugly head.  Still, song is a poetic form; it just typically incorporates some musical instruments.


Mary said...

Well composed. I admire you for attempting it. It was just too challenging for me. (Sigh)

Brian Miller said...

wow...very nicely done...and so emotive as the 3rd stanza for the whirlwind, and musical touches in any of us have much to offer beyond our brokeness? i wonder...smiles. said...

Nice work..and thanks for providing a reading of it : )

S.E.Ingraham said...

I consider many musicians poets so your selection holds up well for the glosa in my view and your poem holds up well, especially the reading of it. Nicely done. Truly.

Heaven said...

Fine selection of quote (or music verse) ~

I like the creative use of music in a relationship, though the ending is a bit sad with that bruised heart.

Good work on the form and I can see the rhyming words in place ~ Wishing you a happy weekend ~

Björn said...

Songs are just as much poetry as anything else. I love the story you tell (though sad )

Nico said...

Beautifully done--the music metaphor is consistent, and so precise. Excellent!

Semaphore said...

I can name many, many musicians whose lyrics are as precise and meaningful and beautiful as any poet's, so your choice for the cabeza is, ultimately, a perfect choice. Your glosa then continues on to make use of musical metaphors - strumming fingers, old records, guitar strings, tunes - as referentials to the cabeza, and it's this consistency of approach and vocabulary that makes for a successful composition. Well done!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I think you've created a wonderful romantic angst, and it was great to hear you read it too.