Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wading in Depression

I choose blue
like the blood
running through my veins

I know red
could set me free
release me
from the dark depths
of blue

I choose blue
like the sky above
that I gaze upon in wonder
& hope
waiting on the rainbow's touch
to carry me away

About this write:  I was flipping through my notebook..searching for unresolved pieces and I came across this little number.  It was written to a prompt for dVerse Poets Pub, but in the end (for reasons I can't quite explain) I pushed it aside and constructed a different piece.  I don't know that it is ready to be shared...yesterday I thought so...today, my mood is to reflected and so I'm doubting its flight.  The poem was based of a piece of photography by Joel Robinson.  The particular piece that first struck me (see "Break Away" below) was partially due to the image, but I think even more so due to the quote that followed it.  And maybe it was my frame of mind then...maybe it is my frame of mind now...but the red felt like the wrong color choice as it relates to the quote.  Red = gushing blood = wrong kind of 'break away'.  Given that, I'd rather remain blue...always hopeful my rainbow might come and carry me away to a lovely treasure.

"Break Away" 
"A repost of an older image that I want to dedicate to anyone struggling to 
break through depression, darkness, turmoil or sadness. The world needs you, 
you are not alone and we are here to help you break through."
- Joel Robinson

On a side note:  I've been a bit lost lately...of course that is not quite so unusual with me.  I'm trying to keep a routing so I don't quite lose this part of me...thus the series appearing every Tuesday and Thursday...one forces me to write, one forces me to create.  I've been doing my best (which at the moment is terrible) in trying to make the rounds...the past several weeks I found myself at least once a week playing catch up for several hours...this past week did not go so well even in that regard.  I will pull myself out of this rut eventually..."break away" so to speak eventually...in the meantime, forgive me my absence...not here so much as in your neck of the woods...I'm working on locating the breadcrumbs back to your dwellings.


Brian Miller said...

i like how you play on the color of blood...when we keep it inside it is blue but given air it is red...so i found that whole opening rather intriguing...

Björn Rudberg said...

Maybe feeling blue really helps to be in the right mode for finalizing it. The contrast between the blue outside and the red inside is where we always have to live.. in that balance.

Mary said...

I think that blue is a good choice too...looking at the blue sky can always give a person a fresh perspective, I think. And following a rainbow, and imaging what might be at its end, can lift one's spirits sometime as well.

Jeff said...

Great poem--I too find myself gazing at the sky in wonder and hope pretty often lately.