Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blurred ~ Blackout Poetry #3


my answer blurred
in the laughter

on the edge of
his full lips

A note on form:  Blackout poetry...Erasure poetry...Redacted whatever name you wish to call it....  The above construction is formed by taking an already existing piece of work (whether from a book or newspaper or any other written entity) and removing words until you are left with something that hopefully makes sense.

About this series:  My goal is to challenge myself to unearth some semblance of sense through the use of blackout/erasure poetry.

Attribution:   Blackout Poetry unearthed from a page in Erin Kelly’s novel, The Poison Tree.


Brian Miller said...

there is an interesting intimacy in this...and a much larger story than what you found in those few words...smiles

Heaven said...

Wow such a process which is really tedious for me ~ I admire the found verse very much ~


Vandana Sharma said...

hmm and the answers can be anything, really keeps the reader pondering.Wonderful and amazing!

Björn Rudberg said...

I really love what things you find in a bookpage..Do you pick a page by random or are you really looking for it..

Not a lot of words are needed if they are the right ones.

RMP said...

It varies...the most recent one I did which will be forthcoming, I used a random number generator to select the page. for this one and the ones previously posted, I opened the book and scanned it for quite some time to see what might catch my eye...if nothing formed quickly I'd see if the back of that page had something a little more to I'd work between the two to see what solidify first/best. there have been times when I open to a random page and nothing catches my eye immediately and so I choose another at random, but once I find a single word or phrase that draws me in, I keep working the page until something emerges fully.

Jeff said...

Another good one--the frolicking lips is a really nice find!

Mary said... many words are blurred, I think. We have to be able to read between the lines.