Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blinding ~ Blackout Poetry #4


I write the sun
so brightly
it comes with
the faintest of smiles
like a fairy tale

she rises
I cannot restrain
her shouting across
the snow
so bright and fine

A note on form:  Blackout poetry...Erasure poetry...Redacted whatever name you wish to call it....  The above construction is formed by taking an already existing piece of work (whether from a book or newspaper or any other written entity) and removing words until you are left with something that hopefully makes sense.

About this series:  My goal is to challenge myself to unearth some semblance of sense through the use of blackout/erasure poetry.

Attribution:   Blackout Poetry unearthed from a page in Lee Smith’s novel, Oral History.


Brian Miller said...

writing the sun so bright
cant nothing hide in that kinda light...the second part adds a bit of a story to it as well...wonder what she is shouting about...

Mary said...

This poem warms me here, as I sit with my cloudy sunless sky. Nice.

Victoria said...

I love this practice and this one is so good.

Poet Laundry said...

You really have a gift for these. Nice work.

Grace said...

What a lovely found poem ~ I appreciate the process as I find this very challenging to do ~ I prefer the sun's blinding smile than snow ~

Vandana Sharma said...

amazing impact!!

Jeff said...

The setting seems so peaceful . . . and then then unrestrained shouting. Another excellent blackout poem!

Björn Rudberg said...

I love those .. you create excellent images here...