Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't Ask...I've No Idea

Listen close, I've much to say,
but it's hidden deep.
Far beneath the surface lay
truths that shall not keep.

Far beneath the surface lay
mysteries untold,
waiting patiently to slay
demons dark and cold.
Listen close, I've much to say -
deeply interred -
waiting patiently to slay
all with just a word.

A note on form and structure: So technically this piece is free verse, though obviously it has some structure and design.  Each stanza is composed of four lines (quatrain).  The syllable structure is 7-5-7-5 for each stanza; with meter trochee with an extra stress at the end (DUM-da-DUM-da-DUM-da--DUM / DUM-da-DUM-da--DUM / etc.).  Then there is the rhyming pattern of abab, acac, adad; with lines that repeat in two stanzas.  As to the rhyme-and-reason behind the decision to write in this structure...well...that is an excellent question.

Inspiration for this piece and On unearthing titles:  Haven't a clue...thus the title. 


Brian Miller said...

the word is mighty.
esp when it is

Poet Laundry said...

Words have power, yep. Enjoyed your rhyming too...I'm listening :)

Mary said...

Patience can sometimes serve a person well. And THAT is a good thing.