Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Little Bit Pinky, a Little Bit Brain

Beneath the surface lay the heart
   (a truth, if you will)
of how I feel with every knock
    (upon my door).

"If you want ideas, you're
in the right place!"
is the face I show
   (not a lie -
    ideas simmer within my
    rather normal sized brain
    waiting to burst forth)
ready & willing (genuinely)
                                    to help.

"Quiet!  There's world
domination in progress!"
stares me (upside down) in the face
   (not inaccurate, but not mine -
    if I listen quietly enough
    the thoughts & challenges of
    young growing minds waft in)
giving me pause to what lies outside
                                    my door.

"Are you aware that
you're disturbing me?"
lives face down
   (a shameful reality -
    pushed down & buried;
    a contradiction to who
    I am - yet not really)
shouting as it should (within)
                                    at me.

Inspiration for this piece:  So it started with a piece I read this morning that hinted at the dVerse Poet Pubs Meeting the Bar prompt for today.  At first I thought the little rock I stepped on this morning with the word "luck" written on it would be a good selection for the prompt, but as I sat at my desk today another gem of an idea surfaced.  On my desk is a "brain analyzer."  It holds a triangular prism with three sets of phrases on them.  When I was still in the classroom,, "Quiet! There's world domination in progress!" would face outward.  The rest of the time was probably split evenly between the other two phrases.  Now it sits on my desk with "If you want ideas, you're in the right place!" so as not to scare off the teachers who come to visit me.  Nonetheless, the phrases on all sides are never far from my mind.


Brian Miller said...

haha the pushed down reality that still screams inside...i think you have the right one pointed out for the benefit of others...i love pinky and the brain!!! i still sing the theme song on response.

Bodhirose said...

I'm glad for the explanation of those signs. Yes, I think you chose the right one to face out to your visitors. Very entertaining...and fun!

Claudia said...

ha - i like that you chose this side to show your visitors - def. a good message - the world's in desperate need for good ideas and people that will think them through

Mary said...

This made me smile. Very cool object to have to look at on a regular basis. You can always choose the sign that you need most on any given day!

Grace said...

I smiled that these are quotes & signs on the prism on your desk ~ I must admit I really like the first one, smiles ~

Victoria said...

Nicely written. I love those signs...especially the upside down one.

Björn said...

Ha.. I was confused until I read your explaination.. world domination indeed..

Nathaniel C. Oliver said...

I really like this one - I often use poems to puzzle out contradictions, and I think some of the best poems do the same, arriving at an answer that might not be "correct" but feels "true." I'm a teacher as well, and I think that all teachers also want to be something else, but students too often feel that wanting to be other than "just a teacher" means that you are ignoring their education in pursuit of your own goals. But teachers are people too, and (in my opinion) if you do not strive to be more than you are - if you are content to settle - then you will impart the same lesson to your students (it is okay to settle, do not strive). Keep striving; you have a wonderful talent!