Sunday, April 28, 2013

As Spring Buds

Inspiration for this piece:  I was sitting outside this afternoon -- notebook open -- searching for some form of inspiration.  The first found me in the form of bees, big giant buzzing bees.  I posted that piece via twitter (@rmpWritings).  Just as the unnerving insects spurred my retreat indoors (safely behind the screen door leading to the deck I'd just vacated), music began to drift through the air from some neighboring home -- a tad loud, I must say.  But still, the tunes were recognizably welcomed, though they made me think of summer more so than the recently budding spring that has finally decided to grace us with her presence.  So I stole some images from two of the songs that played and well you can see above what it yielded.

A note on form:  At first, having just written an haiku, I stared at the first line of this piece thinking that is were I might again go.  Unfortunately, it did not feel complete.  So I expanded the piece into a choka, also known as "long poem,"  although I kept this one rather short.  It follows the 5 - 7 - 5 pattern until the end where it ends with a couplet of 7 - 7.

Behind the image:  Maybe it is because I've been too lazy to type up my poems (who knows), but I have been using my phone to take snapshots of my notebook.  I did the same with my previous post.  Of course what fun is it to just post an image of a page with my scribble on it.  In order to spice it up a bit, I have been toying with the image -- adding effects, borders, and whatnot.  


Brian Miller said...

smiles...all the elements in this make for a very peaceful, butterflies, sand....sigh...smiles.

Poet Laundry said...

Very nice feel to this. Lovely RMP.

Nico said...

I like this--I do my best writing and thinking outdoors. Bees and all!