Thursday, April 4, 2013

Changing of Seasons' Sonata

as the sun sets on snow laden limbs
birds wait on their cue;
the maestro taps the edge of the horizon.
their voices lift into the air,
a winter nocturne floats gracefully
like a lullaby intent on laying winter to rest.

as the maestros last rays slowly descend,
the tempo shifts to a new movement--
a new chorus of birds enter
their sorrowful sound a requiem
ushering the cold darkness of winter
peacefully into its impending grave.

in the whispers of goodbye,
just before the maestro rises up,
a capriccio stirs in the feathered breasts
rejoicing in the beauty of winter's life
and celebrating the new life about to spring;
their voices ride along the sun's rays

unbound by the maestros baton
until he peaks once again over the horizon.
the vivance of the final movement
stirs a cool breeze through newly budding limbs
as the sun rises on spring's brilliant hues.

Disclaimer:  I know nothing about music; so if by chance I used one of the musical terms (that are strewn throughout this piece) incorrectly, please forgive me.

Inspiration for this piece: I was Flip(board)ing again through some photos. I came across a stunning photo of the sun setting through the branches of a snow covered tree. One of my favorite things about winter and snow is the beauty of freshly fallen (untouched) snow as it grazes the branches of bare tree limbs. Mostly during winter, my toes and fingers itch to be free to the warmth of the sun's heat. With the changing of season's, I felt like maybe it was time to actually believe that spring has arrived. I'm not sure of the origins of the picture, save that was posted on facebook as Winter Sunset, Lauttasaari, Finland.

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Brian Miller said... your pairing of music to the season change...and the maestro being the sun as well...i am listening....smiles.