Friday, August 8, 2014

It all adds up to 40

Inspiration for these pieces:  Over at dVerse Poets Pub, entry into this weeks MeetTheBar is a piece less than or equal to 40 words.  Today I'm surging up three pieces that flow quite well together.  Each is under 40...including their titles and the sum total of words (including titles) is 40.  The first is 16+4=20; the second is 7+3=10; the third is 8+2=10.

Straight to the Heart

thunder rumbles as
darkness thickens the room

lightning clashes in
sharp tongues intent
on striking true.

Bitter (no) Sweet

harsh tones
thicken the air

suffocating love

Edgy Art

patience wanes
brushing hearts
with snide

An aside:  On vacation...wifi is we're keeping ourselves quite busy.  Making the rounds will be tricky, but where there's a will there's a just might take a little longer an normal.


quest4peas said...

Sharp words can certainly cut every bit as deep as a knife.

Anthony Desmond said...

darkness thickens the room... harsh tones thicken the air... and then

brushing hearts
black... flows very nicely.

Sumana Roy said...

"lightning clashes in
sharp tongues"..striking the darkness woven in the pieces.. :)

Björn Rudberg said...

How those words can work like thunderstorms.. The imagery is perfect for those situations when air is thick with resentment.

rallentanda said...

These are excellent. Beautifully expressed images of conflict.

Grace said...

Nice, I specially like bitter (no) sweet ~ Enjoy your vacation ~

Brian Miller said...

def evocative...and emotive....
the last two in particular...the harsh tones and patience go together...and it all rolls to heartbreak....

Claudia said...

the harsh tones suffocating true... the wrong words can bury every spark of love and symphathy

Mary said...

Oh yes, harsh tones can suffocate love indeed. I like all three of yours.. I can FEEL each of them.

Gabriella said...

A very good series, rmp. I find that harsh tones, especially when repeated, do suffocate love, sometimes until there is no love left.

Jeff said...

That second one packs a lot in a few words--choking on the thick air of harsh words. Very well done!

Bodhirose said...

Strong pieces...can so relate...have experienced that thick air and those sharp tongues. Excellent...I really enjoyed these...and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

georgeplaceblog said...

Perfect images for the subject, nicely done.