Sunday, August 10, 2014

If you insist

if not for me,
the world would still be round
and you would not need worry
'bout falling off the face of it.

it may not seem like it,
if not for me,
eggshells would be intact
instead of crunching beneath.

it may have been the same regardless,
if not for me,
the sun would rise & fall,
the clouds would rumble & pass,
& I would be none the wiser.

if not for me.


Mary said...

This poem has an interesting voice. It seems that the speaker has quite an ego and believes they are the center of the control of even the sun and the clouds. Perhaps I am interpreting incorrectly?

Björn Rudberg said...

Intriguing piece.. There is an element of control here that's a little unsettling here.. I reacted similarly as Mary, though I can see it also as a metaphor.

Brian Miller said...

def an interesting perspective...changing the things we know...or challenging what we know to be true...i think we need those people to make us think...and grow....

Victoria said...

I like the repetition of this--it's a good thing we don't have too much power.

Jeff said...

Sometimes we're better off without the person we think we cannot live without. May all those in toxic relationships have the strength to GET OUT! Thought provoking piece.

Grace said...

The speaker strikes me as arrogant and overbearing with the repetition of..if not for me ~ Perhaps a back story might make me change my mind, ha ~

Claudia said...

it would be interesting how we would change the world if we could for the people we love

Poet Laundry said...

I like the irony in the voice you used here RMP. Enjoyed this piece.

Victoria said...

Ha! I bet I'm one of the ones who read it in a way you didn't intend.

Victoria said...

Ha! I bet I'm one of the ones who read it in a way you didn't intend.