Saturday, March 29, 2014


How many words can I throw together
                   to make nothing?

word-slayer takes on a whole new meaning
                   as I wield my weapon of choice.


I long to be a word-sleuth (finding truth)
                   a word-welder (bending thoughts)
                   a word-barista (brewing love)
                   a word-buckler (daring to defend hope)
                   a word-harvester (gathering the lost
                                                               & forgotten)
                   a word-sculptor (chiseling connections
                                               between different worlds)
                   a meaning-maker,

but how many words will I throw together
              before nothing becomes something?

A note on inspirations (or lack thereof):  My mind lately has been vacant of thoughts and ideas.  Not really sure where to begin or end.  I suppose part of that is my mood.  I have been very caught inside myself and while I often write to purge, I have been looking for more of an escape.  Unfortunately, I am having trouble seeing past the whirlwind within.  Anyway, in an attempt to unearth something, I flipped through my notebook and found the opening question of this piece written.  It seemed fitting so I went with it.  It didn't quite take me were I expected, yet I didn't really expect much so...

if your interested in some real word-smithies, check dVerse Poets's OpenLinkNight!


Mary said...

Well, I like the way you used 'words' this morning. Words can definitely be used in so many different ways. I liked all of your examples. I think, in this poem, you have turned words into "something." Smiles!

Laurie Kolp said...

I'm glad to see you... know how you feel, but just keep writing. I really like~

a word-barista (brewing love)

Claudia said...

word-barista... so cool.. and most of all i love meaning maker... and i think no matter how we put those words together - they always mean something... dali once said something like: just because i don't know what it means it doesn't mean that it means nothing

Brian Miller said...

word barista....ha...i love it...i like the titles you give for what we do...and i think we need more defenders of hope for sure....

Poet Laundry said...

I like this. Cool the way you put a word-spin on all those roles. I think you slayed it...smiles...

Victoria said...

So glad you dug out that notebook and it help jumpstart your poetry. And how well it worked!

kaykuala said...

Putting words into different roles make them seem alive. You've done it here beautifully RMP! Great!


Björn said...

So much we can do with words when they are willing to yield... so hard it is when they are not..