Friday, July 19, 2013

I 'blank' me

I 'blank' me  
There are three words that haunt me.  
Uninvited they break into my thoughts;  
escape from my lips without restraint.  
I hear them;  
I feel them.  
There are three words that plaque me;  
festering deep within me, they itch at me,  
driving me crazy until they explode unbidden.  
I want to rip them apart.  
I want to turn them inside out.  
There are three words I wish of me,
crave to believe deep down inside—
pray for to overshadow the others.

I need to replace H.A.T.E.
I need to find L.O.V.E.

This was one of my found poems—tucked away within a sketch book I recently rediscovered.  I felt it fit quite perfectly with my previous post.  As you can see it was written almost exactly three years.


Mary said...

Finding a poem written in the past is a really valuable find. I hope in the three years that passed you were able to replace the hate with love. Cool to have a photo of the sketchbook too.

Brian Miller said...

learning to love yourself is not easy...we see all our own blemishes and fabricate reasons we are unworthy...its an honest verse....

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Really love the raw honesty of this - I have been there in the past and last week it came back for a brief visit.

I'm 50 years old this September, and I'm still feeling unworthy of love.

It gets better, and then sometimes it doesn't.

Love love loved your poem.