Monday, July 1, 2013

Windows to the Soul

Windows to the Soul

You can hide behind the mask  
        of your smile  
But should someone look into  
        your eyes  
All the smile, all the laughs  
        would be seen as lies.  
For that though, someone would have  
        to take the time to look.

An aside:  As I was doing a bit of cleaning, I found a sketchbook that I've had for ages.  I don't draw, not really.  I can copy (free hand) cartoon type images relatively well, but I don't really have talent to draw of my own imagination--assuming you want to recognize the drawing.  I have a couple things I can manage in isolation (like roses and eyes).  Anyway, while flipping through this, I noticed that apparently at some point I picked up the sketch pad and decided to pen some poetry (and random words/thoughts).  Among them I found the one pictured above and thought I'd share.

An (aside) aside:  Catching up on my reading is taking quite a bit of time...of course it doesn't help that for every five or so I read another piece is posted.  I'm definitely beginning to feel the poetic juices flowing, kicking my unmotivated backside into gear.  Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have a new piece to join yesterday's post.


Brian Miller said...

nice last line...yep, someone has to be willing to stop and take a look are probably alright...smiles.

Mary said...

Yes, the eyes always tell the truth, don't they? If someone takes the time to look.