Friday, July 19, 2013

All Sraclbemd Up

I hvae srcetes hdiedn wtiihn the cfoidns of my mnid -
oens I drae not alolw to ecspae for faer tehy'll fnid tutrh.

So tcuekd aawy tehy saty wehre olny I
hlod the key to ulnokcnig tehm;

gartend it's a nmbuer cbmoo
and I seem to hvae raerargend
all the slily lttlie nmbures lkie teshe ltetres

if olny my barin was as good at tarnlstanig
mxeic up nmbures as wlel as tihs globbeydoogk

I mghit uenatrh the hdiedn srcetes
and dsiplel my faer.  

This is my second poem utilizing this form, well not so much a form as a study on the brain's ability to read words as long as the first and last letter remain intact—okay, whether it true or not, I thought it a fun way to write.  (I recently came across something that made this bubble to the surface.)

The first poem was inspired by a prompt back in 2011 from Poetic Asides, which asked readers to "write an 'it ain't none of your business' poem."  I actually left off the final line of the poem from the first because only one of the words had enough letters to mess with and even then it was a four letter word not making it difficult to translate.  Today I add it back in except I'm taking all the words, removing the spaces and then applying the mixed up letter formula; it still shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Here is the first...

for my eeys olny

I hvae a prahse taht hunats me
erevy wkanig day and ngiht
I fnid msylef cughat by tiher tturh
tehy ehco in my haed
wehn srsets stes in
it paluegs me
utnil tsohe diveslih wrdos
euprt lkie pisoon form my lpis


Brian Miller said...

ha. its pretty cool that we can translate that...if only all secrets were as easy to decipher you know...smiles...very intriguing...

Mary said...

Truly IS amazing how the mind can translate that, which to the average person, isn't obvious. An enjoyable write. And yes, I get it.

Mary said...

Reading again this morning. Really quote dark words, a d yes defi Italy go with the poem you shared this morning. I too think poetry is a good way of writing one's secret thoughts and finding one's meanings. Bringing them to the light of day sometimes does relieve the stress, at least for a time.