Friday, June 7, 2013

US – Love (love less than us)

I need you to know  
if I could,  
             I would,  
                        but I can’t  
and you won’t.  
Still I need you to understand  
that I understand  
while I can’t  
                you won’t;  
even if I could,  
                   you wouldn't.  
So really, it doesn't matter;  
    I don’t matter;  
    we don’t matter,  
beyond the concoction in my head  
where we live  
                  in nonexistence while  
you’re there and  
I’m here  —  Sep  
because I can’t  
                    though I would  
                                         if I could,  
but you won’t  
maybe if given the chance  
        if I took the chance  
and we’d stand a chance.  


Brian Miller said...

smiles...why are relationships so confusing and complex? we struggle through...avoiding the risk....sometimes its too great...other times we just make it great....its hard....

Mary said...

If only.......

I have thought that so many times about so many things. And sometimes a person just doesn't know WHAT to do.

Poet Laundry said...

I love it. I think you read the mind of many here. Great write rmp.

Nico said...

Excellent expression of the confusion and uncertainty of relationships, how we hope for more than we ourselves are able to give. Great work!

Mary said...

Visiting this poem again today and appreciating it anew!! Some relationships really are confusing!

(Thanks so much for commenting in my blog. I notice! Smiles.)