Tuesday, June 4, 2013

They Say Write What You Know

one day, someone will step back
look at my words as a whole
& see the contradiction
in me
and who I appear to be.
I spin a mixture of truths
& falsehoods -- an intricate
pattern so tightly woven
of dreams
and hopes wrapped in silent screams.
one day, I will be called out.
but with the record set straight,
shall I be deemed a sham or
be praised
for how real my lies are phrased?


Brian Miller said...

how real my lies were phrased...ha...perhaps...
or perhaps the lie is
the life we lead outside
our writing...

Mary said...

Perhaps we all have contradictions in our writing.....or perhaps we write who / what we are at the moment, and this may change as moments pass. I personally don't think in terms of lies, but the concept is interesting.

Poet Laundry said...

I feel full of contradictions sometimes. I love that final stanza...great writing.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

We are all a mass of contradictions, and then again, we are not. See? I liked this very much (sez the man who uses a pseudonym).

Nico said...

Another marvelous take on poetics, writing, life in general.

Reminds me of something Joe Bageant once wrote in an intro to some essays on the South: "In this section, 'Things Southern,' rests a collection of essays, notes, remembrances and mental shards of a Southern boyhood in Virginia. Some are absolutely true, some shift back and forth between truth and fiction and some are outright lies. I will leave it to the reader to discern the difference. I certainly cannot."