Sunday, June 16, 2013

Courting Song

Beady-Eyed Cicada
(image by rmp, that's me) 

Cicada sing,
birthed seventeen years past.  Arise  
cicada.  Sing!  
Perpetuate the cycle, ring  
out your mating call, harmonize  
until the ladies heed your cries;  
cicada sing.  

A note on form:  This past Thursday dVerse FormForAll introduced the rondelet.  While this was not the first time I've come across the form, it had me exploring it once again.  It is a tight little verse containing only seven lines, of which three are identical (or at least supposed to be).  I've always had a thing for repetition.  Still, prior to this reacquainting, I had only written one rondelet....or so I thought.  Upon review of the poem, I realized I messed up the syllable count on one of the lines, but after a some thought I was able to remedy that.  Thus far, it is may favorite of the three rondelets I've written thus far.  I have included it below, as well as the one I wrote on Friday.  (Friday's speaks to my absent as of late from here.)  
Inspiration for this piece:  If only you could hear the way the woods cry out endlessly, you would understand.  I have never seen a cicada prior to this year.  I found the one pictured above on a hibiscus plant on my father's deck.  They are quite freaky looking things.


walks with me like a faithful friend.
speaks in tongues of profanity
pouring (from my lips) without end.
I walk on with hope to transcend

Un-Spun Crazy

Life's been crazy—
each breath a luxury of late.
Life's been crazy—
no time to write or be lazy.
I long to once again create—
spin words in hopes I might abate
all this crazy.


Brian Miller said...

when we lived in MD we were there during cicada season...they were everywhere...running into buildings downtown, crunching under was rather nasty...they def have a song too...a bit more shrill than crickets...ha

Mary said...

I think it must be really crazy-making to endure cicada season. I have no idea how long it lasts, but however long it lasts I am sure is TOO long.

I do hope you find time to write and be lazy again soon. One needs that kind of time to rejuvenate one's spirit!