Friday, November 7, 2014

Where Colors Are Lacking

If I could paint you,
    I'd paint you
                        in heart

imbued with compassion that understands thruths
infused with love that looks beyond perceptions
ingrained with generosity that awakens others eyes

If I could paint you,
    I'd paint you
                        in stain glass
forged with lost hearts squirreled away
fashioned with broken souls gathered close
framed with shattered minds secured together

If I could paint you,
    I'd paint you
                        in Equus asinus
saturated with inspiring and enduring support
steeped with enduring and empowering strength
suffused with empowering and uplifting hope

If I could paint you,
    I'd paint you
                        a flickering light
drawn to the shadows
staving off the darkness
illuminating lost truths & shattered hopes

On fading thoughts resurfacing:  I've had two spells recently where a thought has popped into my head with the potential of being something more than it is...odd thoughts that don't quite fit into the world of reality, but have a way of finding themselves in a poetic frame.  Both (probably due to the fact that they came to me when driving) left me before really taking hold.  And then as if they were meant to breathe, something sparked them back to life.  Oddly...I did nothing with the rekindling embers...not immediately anyway.  Why do I bring this up, you ask...and if you don't, well too bad, I'm going to answer it anyway.  This piece is the fruition of one of those thoughts, which is encompassed in the first three lines of this piece.

About the blank:  Truth?  I can't find the right word.  Or maybe I'm looking for a better word than the one that first came to mind...though I'm sure the person who this piece speaks to would quite enjoy the use of the word.  I'm looking for something that speaks to being a shoulder one can lean upon, to being something that can help carry the heavy load...thus the words support and strength.  If something doesn't come soon, I will resign myself to my initial may wish to stop back later today to see what becomes of the blank...and trust me, you'll know whether I found the right word or went with the one still clinging to my thoughts.

Update:  So the blank is now filled...thus the above ramble seems pointless to most...I'm still not totally sold on my choice; I went with a variation on my initial thought...still I feel like I should just suck it up and go with my first instincts....I wouldn't be surprised if I came back tomorrow to...not sure what...

Update #2:  okay, I didn't even make it until tomorrow...the blank is back...I need more time to ponder...I know, it was barely up for a minute (okay maybe five) and now again you're curious...or perhaps not...I really do need to stop being an _______.

Final Update:  After much consideration and some pretty poor ideas for the blank, as well as a running argument over why my first instinct just didn't fit write, I have made a decision.  What finally sold me on it was the movie Couples Retreat.  And so, as my first update began, I will stick with my original word, but rather than using its generic name, I'm going with the more scientic name.



Mary said...

It really is interesting to contemplate how one would paint someone, I think. Whether one uses a brush or whether one would use words. I like the words you used to describe your desire.

Victoria said...

This is just wonderful. I am in love with art technique as a metaphor. Wonderful. Could I use this for dVerse Prompt on the 13th. You've given me a new idea! (e-mail me, pls.

Vandana Sharma said...

Dipped in lovable hues

Vandana Sharma said...

Thank you for your visit on my blog and for the wonderful comments!!

Poet Laundry said...

Beautifully done, RMP!

Jeff said...

Calling someone an ass in a complimentary way is pretty unusual!

Seriously, this is a lovely, striking poem, engaging the senses in a wonderful way. I especially like the idea of drawing hope from a friend who knows the shadows, knows the anguish of flickering hope. Very well done, and good choice of words!

Björn Rudberg said...

The way you used the colors to fill in the what you want to say.. I think the stained glass window has that perfect glare I would like to use.. love it.