Friday, May 23, 2014

The Card I Bought Myself

Maybe it was the fact that it was purple
         not my favorite color, but
         my favorite word or rather
         my favorite answer to any question

Maybe it was the delicate paper-cut butterflies
         adorning the front ready for flight
         proof metamorphosis is possible
         that there's still time (for me) to transform

Maybe it was the button "Pres here"
         igniting a set of pulsating lights
         soft as a dozen sighs awakening
         the breath caught like a vice within me

It wasn't the saying on the front, as sweet as it is
         "Sweet moments
                 Simple pleasures"
          nor the one within
                "Hope today is just right for
                 wonderful you."
           neither really fit, not at the particular moment

                Maybe.... was simply to keep the tears from pouring
         thwarting the threatening storm brewing as
         day by day the mailbox held only empty
                                                'til finally
         "the" day more than half gone
         I opened my first birthday card



Brian Miller said...

hey, is it your birthday?
if so happy birthday...sorry i have no way of knowing these things....

it is cool to feel someone cares enough to remember...

RMP said...

actually, I have a couple months to go. found the card from last year on my table in a pile of stuff and decided to reminisce.