Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sleepwalking through Life

I wear my weight
like a security blanket
wrap myself snugly in its folds
allowing it to conceal me from the world at large
so focused on the fabric's aesthetics
uncovering what lies beneath is unfathomable.

I wear my weight
like a security blanket
loose myself in the mounds and valleys
hoping it might protect me from the world that surrounds
so scared the concealed material
will be found wanting (/unwanted).

I wear my weight
like a security blanket
encasing myself and fears in its ample contours
believing it will shield me from facing the world as me
so certain the fears buried within these fibers
speak a truth I don't know how to contend with.


Brian Miller said...

so much honesty in that last stanza...it bears the weight for me...how we find security in that weight...when there is freedom without it...but create our truth to meet our situation...

Grace said...

I like the refraining lines, it speaks of deadly weight of fears we often can't face or accept yet ~

Emotionally deep & honest ~

kkkkaty said...

....I think our goal is to a waken the spirit and give it freedom to connect..fear is not always a negative, can be a strength.

Mary said...

An intense and honest poem here, RMP.

I think we all choose our security blankets....or they choose us. Sometimes we manage to hide ourselves from the truth for a while....maybe sometimes it is necessary for a while.