Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It has been quite awhile since I've written...not that my recent posts of what I've tagged as poetics (due to the app used to create them) with short little numbers typeset upon an image aren't writing, but....

The last time I (really) wrote was almost exactly two months ago.  I know I've spoken of my unmotivated self for even longer than that.  I'm beginning to think it might be more than just lack of motivation.  It's not writer's block; though little has escaped me as of late, writing is not an issue.  I feel like I don't have anything really meaningful to say....not that everything I've ever written in the past has been meaningful...  Maybe inspired it a better word. Or maybe, I really don't care....which is a horrible thought really.  I don't know. 

So in an attempt to break myself out of this trance, I'm going to do something I have not done in quite sometime.  I'm going to compose something right here right now on the spot with little to no thought; forgive me ahead of time for how poorly this will turn out.


I took a flower
captured it
still-life in my phone
stealing its beauty
(and imperfections)
to relive over and over
as time steals its beauty
forever from this world

I took a flower
captured it
in my minds eye
searching for a new beauty
(redesigned imperfection)
to give it new life
outside of the one stolen
by me
by the world

I took a flower
captured it
forever making it my own
so its beauty
(and imperfections)
could belong to me

#1 - At the Center
(photo by rmp, that's me)

#2 - At the Heart
(image by rmp, that's me)

#3 - A Delicate Beauty
(image by rmp, that's me)


Brian Miller said...

there are some that believe that taking your picture steals a bit of your soul...

if that beauty allows us to see our own...and live it out...i am all for it...smiles.

Mary said...

I like this. There is nothing shabby at all about your poem, and no need for apologies. I like the way you've said that the flower's beauty and imperfections could belong to you. So true...really. They could belong to anyone.

Jeff said...

This is beautiful. This touches on what the poetic soul is constantly trying to do, capture and even redesign some small snippet of beauty, make it last beyond its ordinary shelf-life (as in Ode to a Grecian Urn, I think).

As for the intro to the poem, I feel you here. I've also been lazy about posting until just a few days ago--I've actually written 3-4 poems, but just couldn't bring myself to post them. They didn't seem good enough; I didn't have the motivation; I lost my mojo; whatever. Anyway, I decided that I'd try to post something every day this month, even if it's just a short quote from a book I'm reading, a photo, anything, just to try to develop some kind of consistency. We'll see how that turns out!

Jennifer Wagner said...

I think this is beautiful. A lovely flow, lovely thoughts...I think it drifts like a dream.