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"'Young man, don't rely on a sword 
'Cause your words will outlive even time.'"  
James by O.A.R. (of a revolution)

Upon deciding to start a new blog, I began to rack my brain for a title (and potentially a theme).  Several things came into play as I began this search.  Among them was a song by O.A.R. and the title of a blog (Mightier the Pen) recently shared with me.  Both of these brought to mind the same quote.  Further reflection lead me to a poem I had written some time ago about writing.  Though it speaks to both prose and poetry, my focus has always been poetry.  So, while I had a couple of different ideas in mind, I feel as though I was pointed in this direction.  

I stole the title of this blog, Like the Feathers of an Arrow, from the poem.  In addition, I modified the verse slightly to construct the blog description.  My hope is that the words I select fly truestriking the markand leave all those who read them breathless. 

Weapon of Choice
a writer of prose
gathers his words around him like an arsenal
strategically placing all about
surrounded you with intense imagery
striking the senses from the outside in
intent on bringing you into the scene of events
like an opponent who works to anticipate offenses
making meaning in order to walk away from the battle
better for being a part of it
a writer of poetry
chooses his words like the feathers of an arrow
strategically creating the perfect balance
allowing it to pierce the air with ease
striking you straight through the heart
                                       the mind
                                         the soul
the poisoned tip assaulting you from the inside out
like an enemy coursing through your blood stream
penetrating your defenses before you know what hit you
no matter the weapon the writer chooses
should his aim be true
he'll bring you to your knees
with the beauty he ignites
the darkness he inflicts

"The pen is mightier than the sword."  
Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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