Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sharp Tongue

Sharp Tongue
(image by rmp, that's me)

Behind the image:  This summer I went to the aquarium and took a crazy number of pictures.  One of which was this little guy who blended so well into the background that if not for his sharp point teeth you would have thought him a log.  I took a complimentary photo of him beneath the water (see below). 

On poetics:  This is my eighth post utilizing an app called Poetics.  There are definitely some quirks with the app, but it is the first version and the bugs are minimal.  What I have enjoyed the most in these creations is the strategic placement of tiles, plus deciding when to join words in one tile and when to separate a word into multiple tiles.  It provides for some interesting visual placements to emphasize an entity of the verse. 

About this poetics:  Yes, I covered up the teeth with tiles...the intent was to make them a bit like teeth.  Along with the "teeth," I altered my original composition from using "knotty" to "k(naught)ty."  I'm not 100% sold on the final creation. 

Double vision?
(image by rmp, that's me)


Brian Miller said... cat survived an alligator attack once....we used to have them in FL...snappers....of course i know a few as well...smiles.

Mary said...

Very clever. Looks like a force to be reckoned with from the picture you have there. I like the way you placed words as teeth. Unique concept indeed.

Nico said...

Yes, those teeth just below the surface--they grab you when you least expect it. I spent my childhood in central Florida, and now live in south Georgia, so I have some experience with these wonderful creatures. Beautiful and deadly. (They taste great, too!) Nice work with this app--I wouldn't even know how to go about thinking up good uses for it!!

Nathaniel C. Oliver said...

All apologies; I am slowly slowly working through your blog as I am those of others that I have stumbled upon. It feels a bit like cheating for you to have such a wonderful visual sense to go along with your gift with words, so I will admit to a certain jealousy. I also love your artistic sensibility; I sense that you, like me, are not entirely convinced of your worth as an artist. Please see that as a strength; as long as it does not hinder your persistence, your humility will do you wonders! As always, just my opinion, but not being 100% sold on something that is truly beautiful indicates to me that you are not satisfied with just enough; you must always strive for more.

As for the poem itself, it is like your other work that I have read: deceptively simple with layers upon layers upon layers of unfolding meaning. Even that subtle change from knotty to k(naught)ty - to me - shows an amazing level of craft. Great work!