Monday, March 25, 2013

Faded Memories (Ribbon-Bound Letters)

mem'ries unravel
in a tattered—threadbare—mind
stealing away precious words

love unfolds within
tissue thin—tear stained—pages
holding safe those precious words

A note on form: This little number is an attempt at a sedōka. There is very little on the form outside of the fact that it is Japanese and predates the haiku. It is formed by two katauta (5-7-7). While there may be different takes on the form, I have always composed it as two separate (yet conjoined) poems focused on looking at the same entity from different perspectives. My initial introduction to this form was from the website Shadow Poetry.


Brian Miller said...

interesting, i like how the words play together in this, the contrast in the first and second parts...i fill notebooks with those words...ha

so is this your new home?

RMP said...

yes, this is my new home. still working on settling in, but for the most part I'm moved in.